PLAYBOY: You’ve cast Brad Pitt as the star of Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. What’s the dynamic between you?

FINCHER: Brad fucks with me all the time. When we did Fight Club, the studio said, “This is awesome; this is going to be great,” because we were going…

How You Can Stop Email From Taking Over Your Life

How You Can Stop Email From Taking Over Your Life


Yes!!! Want to end email!
Trying slack and other ways to limit this time & energy soul-sucking platform used mostly by marketeers & paranoid cover-your-ass colleagues who think send an email about it constitutes actual productive work.

Originally posted on TIME:

We send, and receive, a lot of email.

Via The Tyranny of E-Mail:

“In 2007, 35 trillion messages shot back and forth between…

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Every machine has its own acoustic signature - a precise frequency that indicates whether that machine is operating at peak performance. GE engineers monitor and record these sounds to perform real-time diagnostics on airplane engines, locomotives, power turbines, and medical equipment. Musician Matthew Dear and GE Acoustics Engineer Andrew Gorton teamed up to collect and compose thousands of audio emissions from the world’s most powerful machines. The result is an original track of music titled “Drop Science.” Download the full track on our SoundCloud.

My biggest regret

Will be all the time spent trying to make a living (a necessity in this world we’ve created) just to survive in this world and not being able to acknowledge all the kindness and good people who have crossed my path in the virtual world. So, this may be it, but thank you.
Back to sending out resumes.

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There’s no time like the present

There’s no time like the present

It was 93 degrees when I woke up today at 3:30pm having gone to slept at 6am. It is much cooler working at night. Yet I could never share this information in Facebook for it would not fit the norms unless you’re a heinous artist and so few if those bother to even check in on anyone else that you’re lucky to meet like-minded people randomly in the bread line.
And so it goes…
Today’s message from…

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